Normal business hours 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday 

CLOSED Friday 14 August for the Queensland wide ‘People’s Day’ Holiday. Online orders can be taken and dispatched on 17 August.


Please observe social distancing measures of 1.5 meters while in store, please limit visiting times to allow fairness to others and use hand sanitiser before or upon entry. Please do not visit us if unwell at all, including any cold, flu or COVID19 (see QLD or NSW health website for typical displays of illness) symptoms and if you suspect you have been in contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID19.


ADLER Straight pull shotgun 12g with 20″ barrel 


Adler 20″ Straight Pull Shotguns

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Steiner MRS Micro Reflex Sight 3 MOA red dot


Steiner MRS Micro Reflex Sight 3 MOA red dot

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Smart Reloader SR750 extreme Powder package funnel and scale  –  20% OFF!!


SmartReloader SR750 extreme Powder packag

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Ruger mini 14 Rifle Mat  –  20% OFF!!


Ruger Mini Rifle mat

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S&W M&P shield Handgun Mat  –  20% OFF!!


Handgun Mat

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Lokaway 14 gun safe Cat A, B and H compliant in QLD


Lokaway gun safe - stores 14 guns. Gold Coast Shooters Supplies

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Lokaway 20 gun safe Cat A, B and H compliant in QLD 


Lokaway 20 gun safe. Buy from Gold Coast Shooters Supplies

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Lokaway 8 gun safe Cat A, B and H compliant in QLD


Lokaway 8 gun safe. Buy from Gold Coast Shooters Supplies.

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SR300 Light Rest Smart Reloader



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 ** New to our Range – Pecar Scopes **

Pecar Scope

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We are the ONLY Authorised Hogue dealer in Australia. This means if you have a problem, your item is backed by Hogue warranty and replacement. We can also special order a wide range of grips direct from the HOGUE warehouse in the USA

Check out our range of HIVIZ Gun Sights


HIVIZ Rifle Sights | HIVIZ Shotgun Sights | HIVIZ Handgun Sights

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*** We have secured a shipment of Tikka 6.5 Creedmore, Franchi’s in calibers 243, 270 and 300WIN and Beretta Inox’s ***


$1350 EACH Limited stocks


** AMMUNITION – plenty more in store for pick up **

SAKO Gamehead ammunition – 300 Win Mag, 243 and 22-250

$35 per box

 Sako Gamehead Ammunition

FEDERAL 223 Rem bulk pack

$105 per box

BLAZER 22 LR Bulk Pack

$60 per box

NEW Granulate grip from TALON, all-in-one EV01.

Covers Glock standard grips and consolidates all previous Glock 17 Talon codes into one!

Suits models 17/19X/21 and more!

ONLY $30 !

Talon Glock 17/19X/21 All Gen granulate grip

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Talon YETI Rambler Lowball 10oz Gripster for travel mugs

The GRIPSTER is a mixture of a TALON Grip and a Coaster. The Universal Gripster fits most travel mugs and measures 2 11/16″ in diameter.

only $7.99 !

Talon Yeti Gripster for travel mugsshop now

** Other new Talon products in store, check them out under the Talon banner! **


Birchwood Casey

Since 1948, serious shooters, avid collectors and professional gunsmiths have relied on Birchwood Casey for shooting and gun care products that have stood the test of time.

From legendary Tru-Oil® Gun Stock Finish and Perma Blue® Liquid Gun Blue, Birchwood Casey has pioneered innovative products with an unwavering dedication for quality.

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To ensure the safety of our staff and the wider community, we have implemented a number of procedures during this time until further notice.

– Our online store is operational for all items available to send via Australia Post. We are sending parcels every day. There will also be a number of items that run out due to low numbers and you can create a backorder for certain items we know we are able to source in the short term. Australia Post have advised there are delays and can take  14+ days to deliver a parcel during the COVID19 pandemic.
We are experiencing delays from overseas suppliers due to reduced flights, road transport, Aust Post deliveries and so on. This is effecting our deliveries from Hogue, HiViz, Triple K as well as having a knock on effect for local suppliers that are also experiencing shipping delays. Something that used to take around 2 weeks may take an extra 2-4 weeks to get to us after ordering.

–  Please remember 1.5m social distancing at all time. We may have to impose time limits to ensure fairness for all customers as our store space is small and we have to adhere to these measures, as well as limit the amount of people in store at any one time.

– Do not, under any circumstances, take photos of the outside, inside or any staff members at any time. Do not share any posts of you purchasing anything on any social media channels. Do not speak to any member of the media whatsoever. Direct their enquires to Shooters Union, details below. All media enquiries are to be directed to Royce Wilson Shooters Union Media Officer email phone 0410 645035.
– Naturally, due to the current uncertainty of the environment, things can change at short notice, so we invite you to stay connected to reliable news sources and respect the social distancing requirements of 1.5 meters and the need for people to stay home as much as possible.

  • Please note we have been advised that license renewals and new license applications are taking between 15-20 weeks through WLB. We would also anticipate there are delays with PTAs being issued at this stage, latest info from WLB is 21 days minimum for PTAs. Please contact them direct for queries. There are new ID requirements in place since June 18 for new licences, check their website for details.

*** PLEASE NOTE West Australia Customers – AUGUST 2019 UPDATE ***

Firearm Dealers in WA must register with Australia Post to receive (and send) firearms. There is a secure network of post offices in WA and we (disposing dealer) can only send the firearm to a post office within that secure network. Please ensure  the WA dealer has registered with Australia Post and find out from them which post office to send the parcel to. Any post office in WA can tell the dealer where the secure facilities are (and I think post offices outside of WA will also have that information). We can only send 1 firearm per parcel via this secure network and there is an additional fee as well, we will let you know when sending the item. You, the WA customer or dealer, will need to contact the dealer to find out firstly if they are registered with Australia Post and secondly, which post office to send the single-firearm-per-package to. The WA dealer can then arrange for internal transfer of the firearms to their business via an approved carrier. The WA dealer also has to have an Aust Post account and we will need to quote that account number on the address details, so you’ll have to ask your WA dealer for his account number too and notify us what that is.

Important Notice:

Please note that we cannot ship anything to ANY International destination. This includes items such as magazines, grips, stocks, rifles, handguns, brass etc to any destination including NZ, USA, Canada, Pacific Region, Asia, Europe, Africa and so on.


 PTA’s and Licence applications

        • QLD licence holders – Please be aware that if you are arranging your PTA to be EMAILED to us, it is your responsibility to follow up the process with WLB and to call us to see if its arrived. We do not have a phone number or email address to contact you so you will need to contact us.
        • Be mindful to have us as the disposer as we are the ones that will be ultimately giving you the firearm. If you are buying from Interstate, DO NOT PUT that dealers details as your PTA will be invalid. Our dealers licence is 50000106.

  • Remington 700 trigger recall information 2019 – we can replace your triggers by appointment

    PLEASE NOTE: We apologise that we are unable to accept AMEX card as a payment option. Please use an alternative payment method.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We apologise that we are unable to offer PayPal as a payment option. As PayPal have a no firearms policy, they no longer support any sector of the industry that sells, promotes or uses Firearms at all. Please be assured that your details are secure and will not be used for marketing or sold to a 3rd party.

  • Thank you for supporting our family owned business that has been in the same location for nearly 30 years, we opened in 1990! We hope we can find ways to better suit your needs while maintaining a high level of customer service.

    Our Schedule of Fees have recently changed. Please call us to query prices regarding storage fees, transfers and brokerage.